I have been collecting flags for about 3 years now, I now have over 120, and when the weather is right, and my mood is right, I try to fly a flag each day on my flag pole in Vernon Street Derby. I am often stopped by passers by, local residents, and office workers, who take an interest in the particular flag, and want to know about it. It has been suggested that I put up a small sign to introduce each flag, but I am not so efficient that I feel I can commit myself to do this. So I am going to have a crack at publishing details of flags flown each day on this blog. For those who want to follow, they can now identify the flag by coming to this blog site.

I have not done a blog before, so please excuse my rusty start. Please leave comments and questions.

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  1. Great to see this, Nigel, and I look forward to the flags and some interesting excursions! Oh dear, yet another distraction. Regards and best wishes, Brett